jonathan stevensJonathan Stevens, Co-owner and Head Baker, Hungry Ghost Bread

As leaders in the back-to-the-grain movement, Jonathan, and Cheryl Maffei have long espoused the view that an essential element of the bakers’ tools is the skill to learn from the grain.

–>Jonathan Stevens Interview

Ana SortunAna Sortun, Executive Chef, Oleana

Hailed as one of the country’s “most creative fusion practitioners,” Ana Sortun was named the Best Chef Northeast by the James Beard Foundation in 2005 and has been lauded as “deeply inventive” by the New York Times, and “a culinary genius” by Boston Magazine and in Saveur. In 2016 and 2017 she was a James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef, general excellence.

–> Ana Sortun Interview

Cairnspring Mills CEO Kevin MorseKevin Morse, CEO & Co-founder, Cairnspring Mills

As CEO and co-founder of Cairnspring Mills, Kevin taps into his deep experience as a farmer, economic development leader, conservationist and community builder and applies his can-do spirit to build the mill from the ground up.

–>Kevin Morse Interview

Maura KilpatrickMaura Kilpatrick, Pastry Chef, Sofra Bakery & Cafe

Maura Kilpatrick first picked up a spatula as a teenager, and never let go of her zeal for cooking. She trained at the California Culinary Academy and in the kitchens of Boston’s top chefs, including Lydia Shire, Moncef Medeb, Rene Michelena, and Ana Sortun.

–> Maura Kilpatrick Interview

Patti KlosPatti Klos, Director of Dining and Business Services, Tufts University

Auxiliary Services professional with over 25 years of experience in food service management in higher education. Over 20 years of experience in food concept development, program innovation, and sustainability, along with contract management for bookstores, vending, laundry and contract catering.

–> Patti Klos Interview

valerie machinistValerie Machinist, Manager of Nutrition Services, Community Servings

The Manager of Nutrition Services, Valerie collaborates with our chefs to develop and improve upon our medically tailored meals program, provides over-the-phone nutrition counseling and assessments to our clients, builds partnerships to expand nutrition education for our critically ill neighbors, and community members, and much more.

–> Valerie Machinist Interview

adriene_worthingtonAdriene Worthington, Director of Nutrition Programs, Greater Boston Food Bank

Her primary responsibilities are to oversee nutrition education activities, SNAP advocacy and education, manage the food bank’s online recipe database and blog Click ‘N Cook, and lead the organization in implementing its first formal Nutrition Policy. he is responsible for food safety and food safety education inside of the facility and among The Food Bank’s member agencies.

–> Adriene Worthington Interview

Aurora MillsAurora Mills and Farm, Matt Williams and Sara Williams Flewelling

Aurora Mills and Farm is an authentic, hands-on, family-owned business devoted to providing the very best in local & USDA-certified organic grains, legumes, and cover crop seed.

–> Aurora Mills Interview

sean shermanSean Sherman, Sioux Chef, Indigenous Culinary Director, Co-Founder of NATIFS

Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, has been cooking across the US and World for the last 30 years.  His main culinary focus has been on the revitalization and awareness of indigenous food systems in a modern culinary context.  Sean has studied on his own extensively to determine the foundations of these food systems which include the knowledge of Native American farming techniques, wild food usage and harvesting, land stewardship, salt and sugar making, hunting and fishing, food preservation, Native American migrational histories, elemental cooking techniques, and Native culture and history in general to gain a full understanding of bringing back a sense of Native American cuisine to today’s world.

–> Sean Sherman Interview

armando medinaceliArmando Medinaceli, Education Director, NATIFS

Armando is a Bolivian ethnobiologist with extensive experience collaborating with indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Mexico, and Guatemala as well as teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels in the United States and Bolivia. He has over fifteen years of experience working in ethnobiology, indigenous foodways and food sovereignty, biocultural diversity, sustainability, climate change, community conservation, collaborative video, and more.

–> Armando Medinaceli Interview

Andrew HeynAndrew Heyn, Co-owner, New American Stone Mills

New American Stone Mills heralds the return of a rich milling and time-honored baking tradition. Our bakery, wood-fired oven, and stone mill at Elmore Mountain Bread have become destinations for like-minded bakers: a working model of how any bakery can source grain locally and mill fresh, nutritious flour onsite to produce healthy, delicious bread.

–> Andrew Heyn Interview

Blair MarvinBlair Marvin, Co-owner, Head Baker, Elmore Mountain Bread

At Elmore Mountain Bread we bake breads that are deceptively simple in ingredients and complex in process.  We stone mill all of our flour daily which keeps the nutritious germ oil and unique aromas of the grain intact.

–> Blair Marvin Interview

Dawn WoodwardDawn Woodward, Head Baker & Co-owner, Evelyn’s Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers & Whole Grain Bakery was founded in 2008 by Dawn Woodward and partner, Edmund Rek. The company is named after their daughter.

Dawn Woodward Interview