Tufts Food Lab

The Tufts Food Lab combines nutrition science, regenerative agriculture, and the culinary arts to expand our understanding of the complex barriers that prevent people from enjoying optimal health. Currently, we are exploring the multi-cultural traditions of the shared table, compiling a guide to whole grains and whole-grain flours, and building GameDay Nutrition, a collaboration with the Boston Chapter of Harlem Lacrosse to introduce the deliciousness and nutritional value of products made from fresh whole grain flours to middle school and high school students, coaches, and teachers.

the grain guide

The Grain Guide

Increasing Consumption of Whole Grain Nourishment: Funded by a generous grant from the Allen Foundation, the Tufts Food Lab compiled a comprehensive Whole Grain Guide to increase awareness and consumption of the delicious and important nourishment contained in whole grains and products made from fresh whole-grain flour. Enter Here

Tufts Food Lab

The Food Lab is a dynamic, evolving concept where students and agriculture, culinary, and nutrition experts decipher food issues and explore innovative solutions.

GameDay Nutrition Project

GameDay Nutrition is a collaboration between Harlem Lacrosse, Tufts Food Lab, and the St. Sebastian School. It is a mentorship-based project that teaches middle school student-athletes the importance of wholesome food on game day and every day in between.

Traveling Kitchen & Mill

A space for shared learning, baking, and cooking, the Traveling Kitchen takes experiencing the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of whole grains and fresh whole-grain flours on the road.

Food Lab Kitchen

“After an extensive tour of Friedman, I had one burning question for Dean Mozaffarian. Where is the kitchen? We both agreed that a school as remarkable as Friedman needed a hearth and kitchen at the very center of the experience.”

Michael Hebb, Emeritus Member, Friedman School Advisory Board