harlem lacrosse

Harlem Lacrosse – Tufts Food Lab Pilot Nutrition Program Spring 2021

The mission of the Harlem Lacrosse national program is “to empower the children who are most at risk for academic decline and dropout to rise above their challenges and reach their full potential. Harlem Lacrosse inspires children to dream about tomorrow while working hard on the field and in the classroom today.” With guidance from teachers and coaches, the Harlem Lacrosse Program translates the teamwork, grit, and personal goal-setting learned on the athletic field into the social and academic skills that help students achieve their best academic potential.

The Tufts Food Lab Pilot Nutrition Program recognizes that sound nutrition contributes to athletic and academic performance. The Pilot Program pairs high school varsity lacrosse players with middle school lacrosse novices to mentor them on healthy food choices. The premise is that for children, sports nutrition is closely aligned to daily nutrition, and nutritional advice if presented by senior athletes they can look up to, will have a greater impact. In addition, the lessons presented by the high school athletes become the lessons they learn, benefiting them and potentially their friends and their families.

The Tufts Food Lab Pilot Nutrition Program will launch in five Boston schools during the spring of 2021.