Dawn Woodward

Inspired by her mother, Dawn began cooking at a very young age.  After receiving a degree in Philosophy from Bard University, she pursued her professional cooking and baking interests by accepting positions as Pastry Chef in New Orleans and Head Baker at artisan bakeries in New York and Toronto.  Extensive travels expanded her repertoire by exposing her to Eastern Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, Cambodian, Georgian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Dawn is committed to using heritage grain varieties sourced from Ontario farmers and millers and is known for her delicious experiments that incorporate less common grains into crackers and pastries.  Dawn is an international leader in the whole grain movement and a frequent speaker at grain and baking conferences in the United States, Canada, London, and Los Angeles.

Dawn Woodward is the co-owner of Evelyn’s Crackers & Whole Grain Bakery, which was founded in 2008 by Dawn and her husband and partner, Edmund Rek.