Aurora Mills and Farm

Aurora Mills and Farm is an authentic, hands-on, family-owned business devoted to providing the very best in local & USDA-certified organic grains, legumes, and cover crop seed.

We are the Matt Williams & Sara Williams Flewelling families, 1st & 2nd generation organic farmers, where father and daughter use organic and regenerative farming practices to grow many different crops in a biodiverse rotation. Once these crops are harvested, we continue to ensure their quality by milling the grains, here on the farm, on our stone mill.

Our farm is located in Linneus, Maine, in Aroostook County, in what was once known as the breadbasket of the Northeast, where cool crisp nights create sweeter more wholesome products. Using traditional stone milling, which preserves nutrients, we produce freshly milled to order products for bakeries, breweries, chefs, and families.

As a family farm, we understand the importance of relationships and work collaboratively with the growing number of like-minded farmers and businesses throughout the Northeast corridor, that value local products that are sustainable and organic.

Founder Matt Williams
The founder of Aurora Mills and Farm, Matt Williams is a pioneer in the resurgence of the grain-growing economy in the State of Maine. For 22 years, he was a grain agronomist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Matt started growing organic, food-grade wheat in 1998 and started his milling operation in 2001 to meet the needs of Jim Amaral of Borealis Breads, who was seeking Maine-grown wheat. 

In 2013, his daughter, Sara Williams Flewelling, returned home to join him as a partner and become a 2nd generation farmer. Sara brings extensive experience in design, quality control, and installation of horticultural crops from her previous career as a landscape designer in Washington D.C. 

Upon marrying Sara, Marcus Flewelling joined the Aurora Mills family.   Marcus is a true Aroostook County native, bringing all his county work ethic and dedication to the farm.   As the son of an auto mechanic and an accomplished agronomist,  for the potato industry, he brings the rare combination of soil scientist and mechanic, who can fix anything we break on the farm! 

As a team, they continue to innovate, within the Maine grain industry, by specializing in regenerative organic growing practices and diversifying and identifying alternative crops for grain rotations. Along with Sara’s husband Marcus,  they continue to grow the family’s farm and mill.