Andrew Heyn, Co-owner New American Stone Mills

Andrew began building mills out of necessity. He and his partner and wife, Blair Marvin, wanted to ensure that Elmore Mountain Bread could use fresh-milled, locally-sourced grain in all of their loaves. They sought to create bread that connected the land, the farmer, the baker, and the community.

When they couldn’t find a mill that met their standards, Andrew set out on a mission to design and build a flour mill that would exceed their needs. He spent months researching, reimagining, designing, and building a new breed of stone mill: one that uses locally quarried Vermont granite to grind grain in a manner that preserves the nutrients without diminishing its unique flavor of place. The new mills feature commonly available motors and mechanical parts for ease of maintenance and reflect the insights and expertise Andrew gained from decades of working with stone mills in bakery settings.

New American Stone Mills heralds the return of a rich milling and time-honored baking tradition. Elmore Mountain Bakery, the wood-fired oven, and the New American stone mill have become destinations for like-minded bakers: a working model of how any bakery can source grain locally and mill fresh, nutritious flour onsite to produce healthy, delicious bread.